Games/Practice Cancelation Policy

IYB does not have an official "temperature cut-off" where practices or games are canceled. We are not affiliated with any after-school programs. If you hear on the news or from your kids that schools have announced "all 'after-school' activities are canceled" please know this DOES NOT include Interior Youth Basketball.

As a "Building Rental" it is up to each individual group to determine their cut-off for activities.

IF games or practices are canceled by the IYB Board, a notification will be put up on the IYB website, and all teams affected will be notified via email.

In cases where school district officials close schools completely and send everyone home (to include the custodial staff) ALL IYB activities would be canceled due to not having access to any of the buildings. (Note - This is different than an announcement of "All 'after-school activities' are canceled.")

If things are sketchy, please stay in close touch with your coach. If your coach cancels individually, and/or your team as a whole cancels a game individually, it will be a forfeit, and there will be no games made up. Referees will still have to be paid for no-shows, and the team that did not forfeit may use that gym time for a practice.

Everyone needs to make the decision to venture out at whatever your personal comfort level is.

Please let your coach know if you intend to not show up to a game or practice for any reason.

On another note, PLEASE do not drop your players off at any gym for a game or practice without first making sure your coach is present. In addition, PLEASE make eye contact, or communicate with your coach in some way when you leave your game or practice with your child.

Kathy Fitzgerald

Program Coordinator

(907) 457-4492 (Talk or Text)

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