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    Sponsor a Team!

    Team Sponsorship is $250/team

    If you would like to sponsor more than one team contact the Program Coordinator.

    Anyone who acquires a sponsor for their child's team will receive a $50 discount off of your registration fee.

    Only one discount per team.

    For more information contact the Program Coordinator.


    "Wolves" for boys, and the "Grizzlies" for girls, with the graduation year following for each grade level. (For example "Grizzlies 2022" or "Wolves 2022" refers to girls or boys entering 8th grade in the fall of 2017.)

    Categories: Wolves & Grizzlies 2022 (8th grade), 2023 (7th grade), 2024 (6th grade), 2025 (5th grade), 2026 (4th grade)

    For more information click on the Competitive Division page.

    Thank you!

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