Frequently Asked Questions


The skill assessment helps to determine which team your child will be placed on. Teams are not compiled based on where you live, or what school your child attends. Teams are built based on several criteria. The goal is to not have all 7' players who have a great three-point shot on the same team. Both Little Dribbler's divisions are coed. 2nd Grade Little Dribblers is the only grade pure division. All other divisions in IYB are mixed grades (i.e. K/1; 3/4; 5/6; 7/8; 9-12.) There is no experience required to participate on any recreational basketball team. All players are welcomed regardless of skill or experience.

The goal of the recreational skill assessment is to balance the talent on each team by mixing skilled, intermediate, and low to no skilled players together. Efforts are also made to have a balance of height, and grade. In the Little Dribbler's coed divisions, a mix of gender is also a factor depending on enrollment.


1) IF you're pre-registered and paid:
A) Go to one of the height stations and have your child's height verified against what you entered online. If it's different, the change will be noted.
B) Once your child has been measured, proceed to the tryout number station. Pin your child's assigned number to their shirt and head into the gym to go through the series of drills.
C) Once your child has completed the skills/drills, un-pin the number, place the pins in the container provided by the door, dispose of the number, and you're good to go.

2) IF you're pre-registered, but NOT paid:
A) Get your child measured first as noted in 1A above.
B) Go to the payment station. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, personal check, money orders, or credit cards. All checks or money orders must be made to "Interior Youth Basketball" or "IYB."
C) Proceed to the tryout number station. (See 1B & 1C above.)

3) IF you're not pre-registered before you arrive:
A) Fill out a paper registration form available on tables before getting in line.
B) Get your child measured as noted in 1A above but have their height noted on the registration form.
C) Proceed to the payment station. (See 2B above.)
D) Proceed to the tryout number station. (See 1B & 1C above.)


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